”Everything can be spoken with the language of nature! - Antoni Gaudí

Meet Orix mastery and naturalness to continue your life. Orix, the pioneer brand of modern furniture, meets you with its new collection with its fine craftsmanship understanding respecting nature and people. Mastery is the ultimate in power. Inspired by a natural life, home furniture, which carries solidity and comfort, is the most important element in connecting your style and life interpretation to your life. Inspired by nature and inspiring for you, it brings inspiration to your designs, enables you to comfort, and brings the living spaces of our furniture to you with strong designs.

About Us

Orix, which is the brand’s style and quality, from 2002 specialized in the furniture industry at this time and industry-shaping, product diversity, different designs, quality and after-sales services are among the most reputable furniture manufacturer in Turkey. Orix, which creates a wide network of stores in Turkey as well as abroad; It has a dynamic and professional structure with its past experience and it is dedicated to its customers who have energies and strengths in their lives.
Orix serves wooden and accessory production, paint shop, assembly and packaging manufactures in its own structure.
One hundred percent of the Turkish capital, all with their own designs produced in Turkey. Orix has devoted itself to the reforms for 7 years and has followed policies that reflect the needs of its customers with high-class designs. In addition to her designs, she has also undertaken major investments in the fields of research and innovation. Orix’s success, consistent design, contemporary and aesthetic elements. It continues to grow and grow.
Orix is ​​one of the leading companies in the furniture sector. As we continue to export, we are signing all kinds of strong and big projects. The firm has 4 stores in its own İnegöl Ertuğrulgazi Street , Mobiliyum Furniture Shopping Center, Bursa and Eskişehir. It exports to 35 countries abroad.

All natural products are used. With its integrated production facility, it makes its own production completely up to the chair.

Turkey and to experience the pleasure of the people on behalf of high Orix likes to spread around the world and style of the world. Contemporary management, production, quality service with the concept of branding to create a difference, the “BEST” is to be in our industry.

Our aim is to create value-added by systematic and continuous development in our products and services through our knowledge and behavior, and to maximize customer satisfaction and improve the quality of life.

Quality Product, nature-inspired products simplicity, simplicity, unique and quality designs that are not unique to anyone. Design pioneer, trendsetter and people with a high-quality brand in Turkey producing special products.

We work for you. We approach solutions at every moment and in any case.

We are open to all kinds of communication with our advanced team.